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Strap in for the most epic smackdown this side of the megapocalypse! Gather your squad of Giant Killer Robots (GKRs), build your deck, and face your rivals in the ultimate fight for fame, fortune, and sweet salvage rights. Scheme, strategize and strong-arm your way to victory as you dominate the media landscape, one billboard at a time. 

GKR: Heavy Hitters is a standalone, customizable tabletop game for 2-4 players, combining high-quality collectibles with dice-rolling, mech-building and tactical play! Pilot your Heavy Hitter (the biggest, baddest robot on the board) and a squad of three Support Units through the ruins of an old city, competing to either wipe your opponent off the map or reduce four skyscrapers to rubble.

We’re funded! Shipping
to backers Dec 2017!

It’s 2150. The world is in ruins, but it’s
ok – we’ve got a distraction. Our
corporate overlords have turned our
destroyed cities into playgrounds for
the ultimate hi-tech combat sport:
Giant Killer Robots!

Like modern-day gladiators, GKR
squads battle across the globe with a
trash-talking pilot at the helm. At stake:
Epic bragging rights for the pilot; total
advertising domination for the
mega-corp. It’s a win-win. Well, except
for the loser. They’re gonna have
a bad time.

Providing the masses with
chemical motivation
since 2100!

Need some pep in your step?

At Thunderhappy Pharmaceuticals, we understand that the whole is greater than its parts. Our products will help you join the herd and feel good about yourself again! It’s like the apocalypse never happened!

With a proven track record in servicing society’s chemical mood needs, we’re putting the ‘p’ into productivity – one pill at a time. That’s why we’ve been named the world’s most-loved company, 50 years in a row!

But don’t take our word for it: Pop a Thunderhappy pill and tackle that 15-hour-a-day desk job with gusto. It’s like a cuddle for your brain.

Putting the “terror” in
terra firma.

Sick of forests and glaciers blocking your view? Wouldn’t you like a nice shiny shopping mall to look at instead? ‘Course you would. And so would we, Hammerstrike Amalgamated: the heavyweights of heavy industry.

As Earth’s leading pre-apocalypse military contractor, we know a thing or two about mega-scale construction equipment. So you can count on us to ensure that Earth’s remaining habitable land is put to good use.

Don’t let a little thing like nature stand in the way of your lucrative investment. Where unseemly natural landforms block the building of refined man-made structures, Hammerstrike will literally pave the way to a solution.

The Alpha Predators of

Regulations? What regulations? King Wolf’s a cowboy, and we’ve taken a bite from every pie in this Wild West we call Earth. Air, land, water supply chains: they’re all ours, baby. Our shareholders don’t need to know the meaning of “total monopoly.” They just know we’ll clip the ticket every step of the journey.

But King Wolf cares about community outreach, too. That’s why we’ve set up a Social Responsibility division, catering to our most important clients: advertisers. With commercials displayed on every seatbelt and steering wheel, ten out of ten advertisers agree: a captive passenger is a happy passenger.

Making Mother Nature
work for YOU.

Research shows that only 60% of the world’s natural resources are generating profit. At Diamondback Industries, we act for the 40%.

Market leaders in the acquisition of organic materials, we’re the experts at redirecting these valuable resources where they reach their full potential: as commodities.

Thanks to our patented initiative of Strategic Senator Sponsorship (SSS)™, we’ve successfully lobbied lawmakers to prevent Earth’s natural resources from going to waste in reserves and heritage sites. That’s a win for us – and a win for you, the consumer.

Demand only the very best profit margins from our natural resources. Demand Diamondback Industries.

Meet the breakout stars of this next-level robot smackdown. Part superstar athlete, part celebrity, part corporate spokesperson, they’ve been propelled to stardom via a reality TV competition – which is to say, they’ve been chosen as much for their talent as they are for their ratings-smashing trash-talking. On AND off the field.

And what’s in it for them? A lucrative contract, for one thing. Fame and glory, for another. And the chance to smash things up at the helm of the biggest, baddest robots on the playing field. It’s hi-tech stress relief with the dial turned up. Way up. So don’t go getting in their way.

We’ve been creating imaginary worlds for more than 16 years, helping to bring films like District 9, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avatar and Ghost in the Shell to the screen. Now, we’re bringing our own exciting world to life! Helping us get there: Matt Hyra and the Cryptozoic team in the USA, and the amazing crew across Weta Workshop’s many departments. Thanks to everyone who has poured their time and effort into GKR: Heavy Hitters!

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