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From the minds of Weta Workshop and Cryptozoic comes a rock 'em, sock 'em tabletop board game brawl!

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The year is 2150. A devastating world war has left Earth's major cities in ruins, where mega corporations scrap it out for the salvage rights.

Well, you know what they say. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Gather your army of Giant Killer Robots and face your rival in the ultimate robot rumble. Because, in the world of GKR, war is business... and business is booming.

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Behind-the-scenes at Weta Workshop


Meet the Weta Workshop team

As Weta Workshop Senior Concept Designers, the creators of GKR have helped design some of the world’s most incredible sci-fi and fantasy films including District 9Mad Max: Fury Road, Ghost in the Shell, ElysiumChappieAvatar, The Hobbit motion picture trilogy, The Adventures of TintinThe Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong.

Paul Tobin

Paul’s the longest-serving Weta Workshop crew member of the GKR team, so he’s practically a veteran of sci-fi and fantasy art. There’s no award for that, but there ARE awards for Paul’s work: he’s the editor of the award-winning fantasy art anthology White Cloud Worlds.

Christian Pearce

Robots, planes and vehicles. If you need one, Christian’s your guy. Though it might come with a few bells and whistles you weren’t expecting. Christian illustrates all manner of crazy contraptions when he’s not creating cool concept art for films and games at Weta Workshop.

Ike Hamon

Every creative project needs a mouthpiece. Ike is that mouth. Expert stuntman by day, face of GKR also by day, Ike isn’t just good bone structure – he’s the mover and shaker spreading the word of GKR to gamers, industry heavyweights, and anyone who’ll have him. Maybe he’s born with it?

Leri Greer

Building websites to building robots: that’s a natural progression, right? Leri’s artistic journey has taken him from Liberia, to California, all the way down to Wellington, New Zealand, where he now designs sci-fi worlds, and the characters that inhabit them, for a living.

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The GKR team work at Weta Workshop's offices:
Corner Camperdown Rd & Weka St
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PO Box 15208
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